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What is hypnothaerapy? 


Hypnotherapy is when someone is put into hypnosis, a deep meditative relaxation state. Where the subconscious mind receives creative suggestions to help implement the change they desire. Changing how they perceive or react to stimuli, internal or external. Self-thoughts, stress and stigma or environmental such as avoiding spiders, shopping, driving, exams, procrastination and so on. The aim is to reduce or change the distress caused by these stimuli.

What is the subconscious mind? It is a library inside your mind, that contains books on all the experiences we have. From how to walk, irons are hot, rush hour is annoying, crowds are intimidating. Put another way it Is our internal frame of reference. Why we do what we do and how we subconsciously decide to do it. The subconscious part of our brain has been theorised from Freuds time and since by all schools of psychotherapy. By working with the faulty learning from experiences in our young and sometimes adult life we make it possible to elicit change. Or to follow the metaphor. In hypnotherapy we aim edit a book in the library.


“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favourable climate in which to learn.”-- Milton H. Erickson

Hypnotherapy can help people to discover other ways of being, by addressing beliefs and behaviours that keep us doing the same old thing.



Areas I work with in hypnotherapy 

Self esteem


Exam nerves

Driving anxiety


Habit change



Pain management

Mental health maintenance

Unhelpful behaviours

Unhelpful thoughts

Many individual issues arise during sessions, so this list is to help paint a picture of areas I work in. If you wish to solely do hypnotherapy, let me know by selecting hypnotherapy when booking. If we decide to use it as part of our work, we will discuss it in session for you to decide if you want to use it or not. The same goes for any technique we try.

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