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I do face to face, video and phone sessions. Sessions are a therapeutic hour of 50 mins. Giving us 5-10 min to take payment, re-book and gather up coat and things before the next session.  

Therapeutic hour 50 min

Sessions £60

Evening £70

Extended session 1hr 20 mins

Day £80

Evening £90

Number of sessions are based on client needs and will be reviewed every 3- 6 sessions. 

Hypnotherapy session 50 mins

Sessions £60

A course of hypnotherapy is usually 5 sessions depending on the clients goals.

Payment:  Bank transfer or card . 

Pampas Grass



Get in touch by using the link below to book a session. Alternatively feel free to call or email me. 




On booking a first session you will receive a questionnaire to help me get up to speed. 

Video sessions are held over a secure platform designed for therapy purposes. And face to face are held in a quiet room designed for therapy work. Both spaces are private and confidential.

 Once you book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email that automatically includes a video link. If you have decided to work face to face then you can just ignore this. If you are unable to make an appointment I would ask for a courteous 48 hour notice of cancelation. 

If you require repeated weekly bookings we can arrange that. On occasion, I may be able to open up further available appointment times. 

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