… my name is Hattie. I am a  Psychotherapeutic Counsellor . Working with clients over a range of issues. Helping to create change towards a better balance in life and improve emotional and mental health.

Getting Help


Get in touch by using the link below to book a session. Alternatively feel free to call or email me. 

On booking a first session you will receive a questionnaire to help me get up to speed. You will see either face to face or a video option on the drop down selections. Chose which you  prefer. You will receive an email conformation of your selection. Videos are held over a secure platform designed for therapy purposes. And face to face are held in quiet rooms designed for therapy work. Both spaces are private and confidential.


Finding me for face to face sessions.

Address:  7A Catherine St, Salisbury SP1 2DF
Tel: 07944003066
email: hattie.tiyd@gmail.com